The Lady Project Summit

The Lady Project Summit is an opportunity to bring together women across many industries to share their stories, build community, and learn from each other.

I was connected with The Lady Project through a friend doing a start up on the East Coast and was excited by their mission to be a space for women to thrive and connect. Having gone through a number of windy career transitions of my own, I was excited to run a session to help other people managing their own career transition. I was also invited to join a panel - Women in Charge - with 3 other amazing women.

Meeting the other speakers mixer

I was able to connect with many amazing women during the Summit, enjoy my first trip to Rhode Island, and hear inspiring stories from everyone I met.

Attending lots of interesting talks
Malous Kossarian
Malous Kossarian
Founder, Product Manager, Entrepreneur

My interests include working with founders to build great products and companies, focused on sustainability, remote work, and SaaS businesses.