Women Founders Foundation

Women Founders Foundation (WFF) seeks to provide young women with the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to build a business from the ground up, across all industries with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. WFF grew out of the Women Founders Network (WFN), a virtual accelerator that connects women building high-growth businesses with the tools and resources they need to achieve business success.

The mission of Women Founders Foundation is to educate young women and girls about entrepreneurship and the life of a business from ideation to long-term success. Through this work, we hope to inspire the next generation of women founders and investors.

I focused my presentation on how to analyze your idea and build on that.

I connected with WFF through my cousin, who is in the LA area, and reached out to see if there was a way that I could participate. The mission deeply resonated with me, and I wanted to help do my part to show young women what is possible, and help demystify what it means to be an entrepreneur. I believe representation is important in many mediums, and I wanted to show these young women examples of people who looked like them who had built businesses based on their interests.

Xochitl Guadalupe Cruz, created a solar powered heater out of recycled materials to help give her community access to hot water.

My presentation focused on examples of young women and young men who had a passion to make something better in their lives or the lives of their community, and then built something. I was able to find examples that ranged from productizing a family lemonade recipe, to a young girl who wants to make it easy for children to think like a software developer. We talked about ideas that they had, how to organize their thinking about what they were interested in, and how they can start making an impact.

There are so many examples of amazing young women, but they’re not usually highlighted. Check out the presentation to see some amazing young people!

Malous Kossarian
Malous Kossarian
Founder, Product Manager, Entrepreneur

My interests include working with founders to build great products and companies, focused on sustainability, remote work, and SaaS businesses.