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Whether it’s getting voters out for the midterms, calling your representative, or taking actions to combat hatred and complacency, Magnify Progress is committed to building a more inclusive future. We believe in a world that is driven by compassion, progressive ideals, and civic engagement.

“Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear. So just as we, as citizens, must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are.”

  • President Barack Obama

Magnify Progress works with activists and organizations to collect actions across a platform of progressive issues, and surface them to users who are looking for ways to act. Organizations are able to reach new users on mobile, and users have the benefit of actions curated across dozens of organizations, all in one place.

Magnify Progress has inspired action across a wide range of issues, on the state and federal level. We are working with established organizations to bring users relevant and impactful calls to action, and drive engagement in the places that are most critical today. Our trusted network of actions makes it easy for users to find great content that is personalized to their interests, and for them to track the impact they have made.


There is way much legislation for a person to be able to keep track of it. Many bills are introduced, but never move forward, making it harder to identify what you should be paying attention to. Magnify Progress identifies the highest impact bills based on your interests.


Magnify Progress is an ecosystem built to support ongoing social and civic activism efforts, beyond a given crisis or election. Our platform is highly scalable, social, and personalized, to better engage people to help solve our democracy’s problems.


News stories today feel like a constant barrage of impending disaster, and they make it hard to stay optimistic. Magnify Progress curates actions to help combat the bad news, and give you something productive to act on. Download Magnify Progress and take back control of the narrative.


We we organize, we win. As we continue to grow, we can see the impact of our collective actions. Magnify Progress makes it easy to track your global impact, including your actions and ones you inspire by sharing with your friends.

Malous Kossarian
Malous Kossarian
Founder, Product Manager, Entrepreneur

My interests include working with founders to build great products and companies, focused on sustainability, remote work, and SaaS businesses.